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Rowing Team Fundraisers with Strokeside Designs Jewellery

From equipment, to routine maintenance and repairs, travel expenses, and event fees, the cost to operate a rowing club can add up quickly. Luckily, successful fundraisers can attract a lot of attention and help your rowing team meet important financial goals.

 What we do is as important as how we do it. With the increasing number of rowing clubs in need of financial help, Strokeside Designs created a special fundraising program to support, nurture and grow our rowing community.

 We offer exceptional products and we’re proud to be the official jewellery and accessories provider for the USRowing national team.  Our keepsake rowing jewellery and water sport accessories are perfect for rowing team fundraisers.

 Whether you choose to promote a traditional piece, like our rowing cleaver oar-shaped ring, or a fully customized piece with club colors and engraving, you’ll receive the highest quality craftsmanship.


Getting started

Simple. Decide which of our easy rowing fundraising ideas below is right for you, then drop us a line and let us know which one you’re interested in. Then, we’ll help you get everything in place to make your event a success.


Rowing Fundraising Ideas and Options

Option 1: Regatta Fundraising (raise from $500 to $1800)

rowing fundraising ideas australia Strokeside Designs process Raise funds regattas

Regattas attract rowing fans and are a popular a fundraising option, whether you are hosting or attending.  To help you have the most success with your event, we’ll provide jewellery, displays, and training documentation. We’ll also provide a card reader so you can capture card payments.

Return unsold jewellery to us at the end of the event, and we’ll send you a check for 30% of the revenue. Typically the amount raised with this option is between $500 - $1,800, depending on the size and duration of the event.

rowing fundraising ideas australia Strokeside Designs


"Strokeside Designs are fabulous partners and I would highly recommend rowing clubs enhance their Fundraising efforts by selling few signatures silver oar pieces and  SD's customize silver jewelry. Their pieces are fantastic gifts for anyone in the rowing community."

Karoline Borup

Princeton National Rowing Association- 2017/18 Annual Fundraising Coordinator


"We partnered with Strokeside Designs for our annual Spring Gala. Our needs were constantly changing and time was in short supply. Strokeside was supremely flexible, understanding and helpful. We look forward to working together again next year and we will definitely get a head start on the planning. Thank you"
-Unionville High School Rowing Club-


 Option 2: Sales Event Fundraising

Don’t limit yourself to just raising funds at regatta events - you can raise funds organizing any event in your community.

Partner with local organizations and bring rowing enthusiasts together to support your club. We’ll provide everything you need, from the merchandise to the displays and payment card reader. You’ll have our support via detailed training documentation. You’ll send us the unsold jewellery at the end of the event, and we’ll send you a check for up to 30% of the sales revenue.


Option 3: Online E-Fundraising

This is our easiest option and is offered twice a year. You’ll set your fundraising goals and the length of your promotion and we’ll give you an exclusive code. You’ll give this code to your audience and encourage them to make a purchase during your promotion period. We’ll track your progress and send you screenshot updates every couple of days. At the end of the promotion, we’ll send you a check for up to 30% of the revenue.

Whatever your rowing club fundraising needs are, we’ll work with you to find an option that fits your goals. Contact us today to get started planning your event.

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