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The earning potential varies based on several factors. The success of your campaign is influenced by the reach of your marketing efforts, the size of your club's membership, and the time of the year.

In our experience, many club members are enthusiastic about sharing the campaign to maximize its reach. Additionally, it's essential to consider that each individual typically spends around $90 to $150 when placing an order.

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission of 25% to 40% on each sale generated through your efforts. So, the more you promote and the larger your audience, the greater your earning potential!

No, it's completely free! Once you sign up through our affiliate program, you'll receive all the necessary materials, including images, text, and links, to get started with ease.

Every 7 days. To receive
your commissions, all you need to do is connect your PayPal account or debit card and you'll automatically receive your funds.
We can also do a bank transfer should you prefer this option.

Yes, we are more than happy to assist you in creating custom products tailored to your club's fundraising goals. Reach out to
us and together we'll devise a plan of action to ensure your success.
Let's make your fundraising campaign stand out and achieve great results!

Monitoring your campaign's performance is simple. You'll have access to your club's custom portal, where you can easily track your sales and view other valuable insights.

The great news is that there's no time limit! You can continue promoting your campaign for as long as you wish. However, we recommend periodically promoting it to achieve the best results and keep the momentum going.


Boost Your Netball Club's Funds with our Exciting Collection of Netball jewellery


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