Jewellery Care

It is natural for sterling silver jewellery to tarnish, blacken or discolour over time, particularly if the piece is worn regularly.

Tarnish is caused by several factors which include:

  • Exposure to moisture, humidity, sunlight and oxygen.
  • Acidity (ph balance) of a person’s skin, which in turn is affected, for example, by diet, medication and stress.
  • Exposure to perfume, soap, moisturiser, shampoo etc. and cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid and bleach.
  • Exposure to chlorine.

Strokeside Designs advises against:

  • rowing, swimming, showering or undertaking vigorous exercise while wearing jewellery.
  • exposing jewellery to cleaning agents or cosmetics such as foundations, perfumes, hairsprays.
  • exposing jewellery to excessive heat or prolonged periods of direct sunlight.
  • use of commercial silver ‘dip’ solutions as they are unsuitable for cleaning hollow, oxidised, stone-set, pearl or plated jewellery and can cause surface deterioration.

Jewellery Cleaning

Wash tarnished item with a mild soap, then place the piece on aluminum foil in the bottom of a pot. Add a baking soda solution of 1/4 cup soda and a few teaspoons of salt into 1 quart (4 cups) boiling water. Cover for a few minutes. Then rinse and let dry thoroughly.

 If in doubt, take it to a jeweller! At least once per year (more often as the item ages) take it to your jewelry for a check up.  Jewelry is just like a car and needs to be maintained and occasionally rebuilt/reinforced.