Have you ever been pulled from sleep by an idea so big you thought your head might explode?

That’s how it all began for us.

It was early 2013, and with college graduation looming on the horizon, we were all looking for ways to stay connected to the sport we had grown so passionate about. That’s when we got our  first idea for what would later become Strokeside Designs. When we moved to New York later that year and met two passionate jewelers with impressive backgrounds, we knew we were on to something. Together, we designed and created the first 20 styles of commemorative rowing jewellery and Strokeside Designs was born.

In 2015, we launched our first venture in the US with Since then, we have partnered with Rowperfect ( and Oxford University ( to distribute our designs across the UK. And we are proud to be the official jewellery and accessories provider for the USRowing national team. In 2018, we launched another partnership with USRowing to bring even more creative designs to rowers in United States and support Olympic Athletes.  

To complete our collection, we recently launched several new designs inspired by our love for canoeing and kayaking. With the addition of these new pieces, there is now something for all water-loving athletes to enjoy.

All of our designs combine tradition with modern style so you can mark milestones and be inspired to achieve even more.

And hello Australia! We’re excited to announce our expansion into the Australian market with the launch