14k Gold Diamond Rowing Oar Ring
Diamond Oar Ring depicts a cleaver oar finished with a touch of completeness. The piece is made entirely in 14k Gold. A must have for professional events to show your passion. This piece is covered by our
14k Gold Heart Diamond Rowing Ring
Heart Diamond Ring depicts a heart with blade on the outer end and diamonds leading path to the center. Oar starts from the outer side and finishes with a gentle connection to the middle. This item is available only in...
Canoe Double Paddle Ring
Canoe Double Paddle Ring stands as a symbol of friendship and completeness. The perfect Canoe Gift Both blades meet in the middle of this ring creating a perfect mix. Available in 925 silver. This piece is covered by our
Canoe Paddle Ring
Canoe Paddle Ring is a unique design originating from a canoe handle and finishing with the original Strokeside Canoe Paddle Blade. Available in 925 silver. This piece is covered by our 14k yellow and white gold are available upon request!...
Kayak Paddle Ring
Kayak Paddle Ring is a unique replica of the kayak oar bent by Strokeside jewellers to make a perfect ring. Available in 925 silver. This piece is covered by our
Rowing Cleaver Oar Ring
Enjoy this exquisite rowing ring design that allows you to wear your heart...on your finger! This beautiful design bends to wrap into the perfect ring to show off your love of hitting the water. Available in both 925 silver and...
Rowing Handmade Oar Ring
This is a hand-made rowing oarring finished with original Macon blade and rowing ornaments. Our 925 sterling silver miniature oar ring will nicely complement your look, from your favourite blue jeans to the most glamorous outfits making it the best...
Sculling Ring (Rowing)
Perfect Rowing ring design for any sculler! Perfect for your rowing coach or any rowing inspired gift!Available in 925 silver.14k yellow and white gold are available upon request! For a quote, please email us at wecare@sportrepublic.com.au Lead Time 3 to...
Wrench Ring- Gifts for Coxswain
Take your favorite rowing wrench with you for any rowing journey! The Coxswain wrench ring was designed by Olympian Grace Latz to commemorate the rowing regattas and one of the exercises all rowers went through - boat rigging. This ring...
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